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Our Google Reviews

“MG Window Washing did a great job on my condo windows…high floor. Their communication was excellent, provided professional service and took my valuable time into consideration. Thank you MG Team 👊 “

Ken Wolf

“Great work and very professional!”

Christopher Sciandra

“I’ve used Myles for pressure washing previously and this time decided to book a window cleaning appointment with him. Just like when he did our pressure washing, him and his team were on time, professional and kind. Honestly, our windows never looked this good. I will now book all my future window cleanings with him as well. Thanks MG!”

Hisoka Dajoka

“very professional, great service , highly recommend.”

Alla Levine

“I contracted their services for one of my clients and their turn around time was quick and the customer service was excellent! As someone in the service industry it’s always good to see good people performing great services. Lastly, the results on the windows were spectacular!!!”

Lauren Gray

“My company recently acquired some very old, run down buildings. We’ve been fixing them, and needed that final touch for the buildings windows to be cleaned. I thought I would have to wait a long time because I had over five buildings- two very large, with floor to ceiling styled windows. To my surprise, the job was down within two days. MG Window allowed us to have an open earlier than we expected. We’ll be using them for future buildings. Thank you!”

Kayla Card

“Absolutely superb service. Used for outside window washing & screen washing. Punctual, went above and beyond. If you’re looking for a thorough clean & professionalism MG Window is definitely the right company! Thank you!”

Natalia Milejski

“Very highly recommend working with Myles. I reached out to him because I have windows in my condo building that are very hard to reach. He promptly came to assess the work ans was able to get it done the same day at an extremely reasonable price and delivered a very quality job. It’s great to see through these windows again!”

Lenny Tsatskin

“I’ve used different companies to clean our windows over the years but MG Window Washing did the best job for our home. My husband and I are so happy with the job we already scheduled our next cleaning with Myles. I highly recommend them!”

Lorraine Taggart

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Click the button to speak to one of our trained specialists. We’ll answer any questions you might have. MG Window Washing is a professional window cleaning service serving the NYC metro area. MG Window Washing specializes in two areas: window cleaning and pressure washing. For window cleaning, we do both residential and commercial window cleaning. We also offer interior and exterior window cleaning.